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RAF Downham Market

Located in the county of West-Norfolk, England, RAF Downham Market was an important tactical Second World War bomber station..

The Fallen

Opened in July 1942, RAF Downham Market was built to a Class A specification.

History of Downham Market

This Memorial is erected as a reminder that they ‘unselfishly gave their tomorrows to us

The Memorial









How Do We Plan To Make An Impact?

By ensuring their memory and major contribution to freedom and our liberty is never forgotten they unquestioningly and selflessly gave their lives in the service of their King and Country during World War 2, allowing us to live in freedom and be who we are today. We aim to reach out to all friends and family of those who fell for our benefit. 

They had no tomorrow, Instead they unselfishly gave it to us"

This Memorial is erected as a reminder that they ‘unselfishly gave their tomorrows to us’. The answer to the question ‘Why we are doing this’?

Is their memory and bravery must not ever be forgotten. 

Why Are We Doing This?

The members of the R.A.F. Downham Market Memorial Trust are designing and constructing a precious memorial commemorating the brave young men of the Air Crews from 8 Group Path Finder Force and 3 Group Main Force Bomber Command

who flew from R.A.F. Downham Market during 1942 – 1945. 


This unique losses memorial is being erected to them and we the family and friends of those brave men must ensure that their names and the ultimate sacrifice they made lives on for future generations to learn that tyranny and oppression can never be allowed to become our masters. These brave men whose average age was 19 - 24 years, were on the door step of their lives with their future before them, they were sons, brothers, husbands and fathers who loved and were loved and their death was like a ripple in a pond which touched and changed the lives of their loved ones forever. 


Our Volunteers

As Trustees we strive for excellence.  Our core values are integrity, social responsibility, historical accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

Your support and donations are important to us, please help commemorate the memory of those who failed to return.  Click on the donate now link to make a donation.  To sponsor the inscribing of a family or friend crew members name or a complete crew, email the Trust at abrownsell@hotmail.co.uk for details of how to sponsor  a name.  Large or small your donation is vital.